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From initially having only a few suppliers – they now stock a huge variety of treats, raw feeds for cat’s, dog’s birds of prey and reptiles, a large variety of accessories and also supplements. Pawsome Rawsome pride themselves on customer care, knowledge and experience of raw feeding. They raise money for charity with fun dog shows and work closely with other local businesses, to support each other through challenging times.

What Pawsome Rawsome needed

Pawsome Rawsome were looking for a light, industrial unit to develop their business. After searching for a suitable location, they approached E-Factor to make a request regarding renting a unit at The Enterprise Village. When a unit became available, Natalie Cresswell, E-Factor’s Property & Operations Manager, called Julie and the Team to have a look around and it was the perfect unit.

How E-Factor helped

Julie, owner of Pawsome Rawsome, said: “On accepting the rental we were offered business advice and we made use of all the facilities offered to us as we had no experience on running our own business.

We don’t doubt the help and advice has contributed massively to the success and ever-growing business. As the only retail unit currently on the Enterprise Village, our challenges are bringing footfall to the shop and we look forward to working closely with E-Factor to improve this.”

Julie said: “From starting with E-Factor and through our growth, they have provided help when needed, courses to help us expand our knowledge and whenever we need anything they help or point us in the right direction”

Natalie added:

Julie and the Team approached us quite early in their journey regarding a property and although we didn’t have one to suit them initially, we were thrilled to be able to contact them a few months later regarding taking a unit.  We worked with the team to ensure that they were able to adapt the unit to meet their needs in a timely manner and was thrilled to see the results and the business open to the public.  The team are constantly evolving with the needs of their customers and have worked really hard to make the unit work in the most effective way.  They very quickly put their names back on the waiting list for another unit should one become available in order to meet their growing needs and I am really pleased that we have been able to accommodate them further in providing another unit for their ever growing business.

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