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Do I have to pay a deposit or rent bond?

No, we offer easy in easy out terms, so we don’t ask for either.

How do I pay my rent?

Rent is paid in advance on the 1st of the month by direct debit.

Do I have to sign into a long lease?

No we offer 2-3 year leases and in most cases give the option to give 3 months notice at anytime during the lease period.

Who pays the Business Rates?

Tenants are responsible for Business Rates – although in most cases Business rate relief can be claimed.

Do I have to pay utility costs?

Some of our rents are inclusive of utility costs and in that case no. But where the tenant is responsible we will invoice your monthly use in arrears.

What do I do if I have a maintenance issue?

In most cases E-Factor is responsible for maintenance issues so you would contact us and we would arrange for any problems to be rectified. If the lease has been arranged where the tenant is responsible they can either arrange for the issue to be rectified themselves or they can call us and we will arrange for the work to be carried out and recharge back to the tenant.

I need internet for my business?

All sites come with broadband however, if for any reason our line doesn’t meet your business needs we are happy for you to have your own line installed at your own cost.

I have some clients visiting and I need a meeting room?

We have various size meeting rooms which can be booked for any meeting that you may have.

What makes E-Factor Properties different from other landlords?

Primarily we are a business support organisation, and so for us it’s more than collecting the rent. We have fully trained business advisors on hand to help you work your way through any business questions you may have at a time to suit you.

Meeting Rooms

Do I need to bring a laptop for my presentation?

It is entirely up to you. You can either bring your own laptop or bring your presentation on a memory stick and we will provide one free of charge.

What connections are available to connect my laptop?

We have VGA, HDMI and USB available to connect your laptop to the presentation screens.

Do the meeting rooms have Wi-Fi?

Yes, Wi-Fi access is available and free in all of our meeting rooms.

Can you provide refreshments?

Tea, Coffee and water are provided as part of your room hire. If there is anything else you require we are happy to discuss your requirements.

Will I need to meet my guests in reception?

No, our front of house team will welcome your guests, get them signed in and show them to your room.

Virtual Business Addresses

Can I use the address on my website?

Yes, you can use the site address you choose on all your platforms.

Do I have to collect my post everyday?

No, you can decide the frequency, it’s what suits your requirements.

I have more than one business can I use the address for all of them?

You would need to take a package for each business.

When can I collect my post?

Our offices are open 8:30am until 5:30pm, Monday – Thursday and 8:30am until 4:30pm on a Friday.

How do I cancel my VBA?

You can cancel at anytime but we have a 90 day cancellation policy.

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